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Does Barefoot Bay operate the water company?
The Barefoot Bay Water and Sewer District is a “special district” created by the Florida Legislature to service Barefoot Bay and Snug Harbor. It is not controlled by the Barefoot Bay Recreational District, Board of Trustees or Community Manager but is controlled by a board consisting of Brevard County Commissioners. If you have questions or concerns regarding the management of the water and/or sewer service you should call 321-633-2091 or email http://www.brevardfl.gov/UtilityServices/Home.

I have people parking in the medians in front of my house and on the street in front of my house all night long. I have called the Code Enforcement Office but they won’t do anything. What can I do?
The roads and medians in Barefoot Bay are county property and not subject to Barefoot Bay District Codes. If you have problems you should call and report it to the Brevard County non-emergency number, 321-952-6371.

What’s the difference between the Home Owners Association (HOA) and the Board of Trustees (BOT)?
The BOT is the governing body of the Bay, just as the town council or commission was from your hometown. The BOT receives the district fees that you pay yearly and uses that to run the community and maintain the community areas.

The HOA is an association of homeowners in the Bay and is focused on supporting the needs and wishes of the homeowner as well as fostering harmony with all residents of the Bay by providing social opportunities, education, and charity within the Bay.

Where do I go for questions about the HOA or the BOT? 
Both the HOA office at 935, suite 5 Barefoot Blvd., in the rear of the shopping center, and District Resident Relations, in the building next to the water company are prepared to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Barefoot Bay. Either office may choose to refer you to the other office if the request for information is specific to you and not a general information question.

How is my District assessment money used?
The Barefoot Bay District assessment is collected through the county property tax and the monies are provided to Barefoot Bay to fund the operational needs of the community. The budget process includes a public meeting to offer homeowners every opportunity to provide input for the operations, maintenance, and growth of the community. The Board of Trustees then approves the budget, which covers the coming year from October 1 to September 30

How is the HOA funded?
There are no fees to be a member of the HOA. Every homeowner is automatically a member of the organization. Fund raising activities are carried out throughout the year. These events provide the office materials, educational materials, and entertainment events for the Barefoot Bay community.

Who is eligible to vote in HOA and Recreational District elections for Directors, Officers, and trustees?
Any homeowner is eligible to vote in HOA elections. To be considered a homeowner your name must be on the title to your home. To vote in Recreational District elections for Trustee or for District referendums you must be a registered voter in Florida and Barefoot Bay must be your precinct.

For further information, please contact the HOA office by calling (772) 663-0633 or submit your question via the website by clicking Here

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