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About Your HOA

The Barefoot Bay Homeowners Association was formed for the general purpose of fostering, nurturing, and promoting the welfare, education, health, social enjoyment, and other needs of the property owners and residents.  Such general purposes shall include but not be limited to the following specific functions:

a. To promote harmonious relations between the Barefoot Bay Recreation District, the Barefoot Bay Homeowners Association, Inc. and the property owners of Barefoot Bay.

b. To work with all levels of governing bodies and government agencies for the welfare and progress of Barefoot bay.

c. To keep the property owners and residents of Barefoot Bay informed of legal, environmental, and other developments which may effect the community.

d. To cooperate with volunteer groups, social groups, and religious, charitable, and educational groups for the general welfare of Barefoot Bay.

e. To promote harmonious relationships between residents of Barefoot Bay, including the promulgation of education concerning the property restrictions applicable to Barefoot Bay and the enforcement of the said restrictions as necessary for the welfare of the community.

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